Freitag, 23. April 2010

DIY adventures

So inevitably, after reading so many lovely blog posts of amazing DIY projects and amassing a long list of to-dos, I hit the 3-month mark, gulped, looked at my list and decided that I need to start DOING!

I calculated that if I average one project a week until the wedding, I would manage to complete 12 entire projects – and probably more, considering that I will certainly do lots of little projects that last week before the festivities.

So I decided to choose projects that I could do now, without the benefit of an exact guest count or seating arrangements, etc.

My first project was DIY Cocktail Stirrers. Yes, this is a totally weird thing to start with, but as I said, I wanted to do SOMETHING and this seemed very doable. I went out and purchased what I needed (which, in Germany, is not always an easy task – but I managed) and got started.

These were VERY easy and I think they look delightful. All I did was cut bits of ribbon, hot glue them to the stirrers and cut the ends into a flag shape with scissors or pinking shears. Finished. I made 80, thinking approximately one for each guests. Looky looky!

My second project was the table numbers – I figured I will probably have approximately 8 tables, and I found these wonderful plastic frames at Ikea for 99cents that stand up on a little round foot and are two-sided. The man at the cash register thought I was CRAZY for buying 24. Yes, 24. The first eight are the numbers themselves – I love how simple these were and how great (I think) they look.

All I did was cut rectangles of pretty napkins/wrapping paper/cloth and then printed a big number (font size 300) in the lovely (free!) font “A Yummy Apology” and slipped them between the two plastic sheets into the frames. Tada! The great part about these is that they are light, easy to read, simple, and the little feet can be unscrewed for easy compact transport. SCORE.

I know, you’re wondering “what is she doing with the other 16?” Well, I saw this amazing idea on a blog a while back – I can’t remember anymore which one – to use photographs with the table numbers of us at that age. For example, table 3 would have photos of each of us at age 3. COOL! So the other two frames at each table will contain photos of us at those various ages. I still have to do this part, but it will get done this week for sure.

Here is what the numbers look like so far:

My third DIY project was my wishing tree. I followed these instructions from Wedding Chicks, only I couldn’t find a Manzanita Branch here. Actually, I didn’t look that hard, I just want to (ever lovely) Viktualeanmarkt  and bought some curly branches – these ones were called “Korkenzieheräste” – corkscrew branches!!! (which I now know after wikipediaeing it are called "Chinese Willow Branches")

I followed the instructions to the letter, including sticking the branches in foam (MESSY!)

stuffing paper around the foam
Then, I mixed the plaster

and poured it in. Actually, it wasn’t really enough, but I let it harden anyways and decided that it was ok.

I then added some easter grass (hehe) and some straw like stuff.

TADA! Wishing tree.

Now all I need to do are the little wish cards. We are thinking of setting this out during our prosecco toast after the ceremony when people are feeling (hopefully) inspired.

What do you think of my projects?!

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~Kathryn~ hat gesagt…

awesome !!!
we are looking at doing our own table decorations - not sure what Aly wants yet

Wedding Diplomat hat gesagt…

hehe.. yeah, it's a good idea to mull over ideas for a while. The wedding blogs do have some wonderful inspiration...

good luck!

ShariNZ hat gesagt…

Emily - I love your projects, what wonderful progress you are making. Your wedding looks like it is going to be so much FUN :)
Shari NZ

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