Dienstag, 4. August 2009


Welcome to my new blog! It must be pretty obvious, but the reason I've opened up a new blog is that I'm getting married! My boy proposed on Friday night (ahhhh! wow!!!) and I said yes, of course!

And now I find myself fully immersed in wedding websites, wedding blogs and a sea of new terms like save the date, centerpieces and and cake cutting fees. I dove into this ocean of information and started scheming, but I found myself feeling a bit left out of the American Wedding loop: my wedding will be a multicultural wedding, in many senses of the world. I'm american, my boy is polish, and we both live in Germany. There will be relatives coming from all three countries, traditions to fulfill, languages to translate and cultural barriers to jump over. I can't seem to find many resources for people like me!

So there's no better solution remaining than to simply write about it all! If I am going into this thing blind, than at least those out there in the same situation in the future can read about my ups and downs - or perhaps there are more of you out there (i know there are!) who will read this and connect me up with your experiences as well :)

So here we go. This is the chronicle of planning a Bavarian wedding for a Polish and American family, connecting up cultures and languages, and the incredible power of love to jump national boundaries and fly over the ocean (and all that stuff :)

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