Freitag, 7. August 2009

The Ring

No, not the horror movie! As I've been flitting around happily announcing my engagement to everyone who will listen, I have, of course, been showing off my ring! Several times, people have asked me: do they not do diamonds in Germany? Hm… yes, my engagement ring is a plain silver band (with amazing romantic engraving inside). But to tell you the truth, I didn't know that it was such a "must" for an engagement ring to have a diamond on it? What I do know is that engagement rings are not all that popular in Germany. In fact, the Wikipedia article in the German Wiki links back up to the American article about engagement rings.

Talking to many people, I found that engagement rings aren't as wide spread as I am lead to believe. My mother, for example, got an engagement couch. All of the German couples I know have no engagement ring.

The boy has watched enough American movies to know what a good old fashion proposal looks like, so I think he wanted to fit that scenario, but with his own twist. I really like the engraving on my ring – it's the expression of love is on the inside, private, for us, instead of being on the outside in the form of a diamond. The engraving is, by the way, the password for my new engagement laptop – my boy sure loves electronics. And another big plus to marrying a web programmer – free awesome wedding website! Coming soon…

The other big question we have is: which hand?! In Germany, the rule seems to be engagement ring on the left, switch it over to the right for the wedding. What is the US "rule"? I haven't decided where I'll wear my wedding ring – any help out there?

What do the readers out there think about engagement rings? A necessity? Diamonds necessary?

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Sara hat gesagt…

Diamonds are absolutely NOT necessary. You have a wonderful expression of love from a wonderful guy. Diamonds Schmiamonds, I say.

christina hat gesagt…

Diamonds seem to be traditional in N. America with a separate diamond engagement ring worn on the left hand followed by a plain wedding band during the ceremony. In Germany there's usually just one ring that serves as an engagement and a wedding ring and switches hands when the couple if wed. But just because something's traditional doesn't mean it's for everyone. You have to do what YOU feel comfortable with. Germans wear the wedding band on their right hand but I wear both my engagement ring and wedding band on my left ring finger just to confuse people. :-)

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