Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Staying in Style

So we've got lots already:

  • date
  • a venue
  • an invitation designer
  • an officiant
  • a photographer
  • (almost) a band
  • a color scheme
  • a dress!!
And now, we have a "weddingmantra": "vintage country, with a bit of pep"

See. here's the reason. There are lots of sales going on in Germany right now, and I figure: it's only less than 5 months out, i've got to start taking advantage of these DEALS and buying some stuff! But what?! I mean, I could just purchase lots of items in our colors and figure out what to do with them later..right? But I have read many a bride's warning about not doing this exact thing - about how you should buy only for specific projects. Hmmmmmmm. I guess that means I should plan my specific projects!

Which I am doing. But I am someone who is so inspired by materials that I just couldn't help myself, so we decided to come up with a wedding mantra. I will repeat this mantra to myself every time I pick up something wedding project worthy - and if it doesn't fit, it goes! I did this today:

is this blue shiny organza "vintage country with a bit of pep":

NO!!!! hellooooo!!! duh.

Is this checkered grossgrain ribbon "vintage country with a bit of pep":

YES! totally

and so it went. It really helped me choose.

I still need a list of projects, though, which I am going to start (the list, not the projects) HERE AND NOW!

  • envelope liners
  • honey jar labels
  • centerpieces (well, perhaps additions to centerpieces)
  • photobooth
  • chair covers
  • out of towner gifts
right. Well, that's a start. Part of my problem is also, when I see something, I think "how many?!". I think I need to also list quantities, especially for things like labels and out of towner gifts. Or at least approximate...

then I realize... we haven't even sent our invitations! Which means that we don't have RSVPs, which means we still don't have a guest count. CRY. I guess I will have to let my patience be my guide...

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