Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010

The Dress Voyage, Part II

So this is going to be short, because as you can imagine this whole trip has been EXHAUSTING but in a good way, in fact in an AMAZING way.

Here's the Cliff's notes:
  • Started out with an amazing day on saturday with the bridesmaids. Tried on JCrew dresses (all of which were sample size 8 and too tight which felt blech but ok) and laughed and laughed. 
  • Went to David's bridal which was not only amusing (everyone NEAR US was wearing totally weird dresses) but fun (our saleswoman was a sweety and we laughed so much that my petticoat combined with the dress managed to take up the whole dressing room - no more room for us). And we learned a lot about "unconventional (ok, only for me) dresses are AOK)
  • Had a BRIDAL SHOWER which made me so happy and I was SOOOO surprised (way to go Mike and Girls) and I actually drank a cocktail out of an inappropriately shaped vessel WITH my mom. FUN.
  • Spent time with my bridesmaids on Sunday (including an aged cheddar and bacon omelett, oops) and learned the amazingness of Bananagrams 
  • Went lazy shopping on Monday and purchased Bananagrams (see above) along with various other products - I have already almost filled my "extra" suitcase!!! Had a drink called the "ruby sunshine" in the bar - yum!!!
  • Got up at 5am to take the train to NYC on tuesday - slept part of the way, watched the sun rise over RI and CT and navigated the NYC subways to get to Saja Wedding and try on the  most amazing dresses ever... after eating at an adorable SoHo Cafè - best Cappuccino ever! - and then went to Jenny Yoo which was "so-so" and then rode the train back to Boston and climbed into our amazing beds at the Back Bay Hotel in Boston (perhaps, actually, the best HOTEL ever)!!!  (oh PS saw an amazing view of the NYC skyline from the train cause the power kept cutting out. LOVE amtrak). 
  • hit the SHOPS on Newbury street all Wed - we had 3 appointments! And went from finding AN AMAZING dress to trying on something COMPLETELY different to loving everything, then to HATING everything because I couldn't decide - and THEN.... well, I'll tell the story later. Let's just say that I found THE dress!!!!
  • Celebrated our successes (actually, mom found THE dress too! (MOB dress). We toasted at a local fancyspot (post 390) with Cava and Wine and ate delicious food and then drank Grand Marnier. MMMMMMM
  • We're headed off to NH tomorrow!  woohoo!!! I'll tell the full story later..

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