Freitag, 12. März 2010

76 trombones or... 4 blue shirted men?

da da da!!! We have a BAND!!!! That’s right folks, after much haggling and disappointment, we have finally booked a band. And we have NO idea what they sound like. Yup. Well to make a long story short, it went something like this:

• we found a band. We liked them well enough, and got tired of looking. So we said yes!

• They called to tell us that they could only play with 3 people and not 4. So no guitarist. BOOO. so we cancelled

• we proceeded to look for other bands. They were ALL booked out.

• Finally, we found a band, and went to see them play! They were great, and funny, but only a duo. And we had cancelled our other band because they only had 3! But we considered taking them…

• We found another band who was recommended to us by our venue – and made an appointment to go see them on April 4th (yes, that is Easter sunday)

• our “backup” band called and told us we had to tell them TODAY if we were going to need them, because they have another request

• So…. we picked mystery band!! Here they are, in all their blue-shirted glory:

They are the “Granadas” and we are really excited. 4 people! Also, they can play the accordion and the baritone horn, to give us a nice Bavarian feel.

I also like to think that they look a little like Alpine Beatles…right? right?

We will be going to see their performance on Easter sunday and we hope we like them!!! What do you think?!

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shoestring jetsetter hat gesagt…

ohmigod I love them already!! beware Micha, guy on bottom right might just steal my heart...

Sara hat gesagt…

Their shirts match your color scheme!

I really like their German haircuts.

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