Freitag, 19. März 2010

speaking of dancing shoes...

oh, yes, our dancing lesson was GREAT! I keep having these disgustingly lovey-dovey moments (in my head) where I think "omg he is the perfect man". We were having so much fun at our lesson that he suggested we sign up for the silver course too. WHAT?  And the dance studio is so awesomely early 90s and it has a bar so that during our breaks we can have a cocktail. AWESOME. Also, we got to dance the foxtrot to a pepped up version of "country roads" (the germans just love that song...). All in all, we learned the basics of the waltz, the foxtrot and the chacha. FUN!

We can hardly wait till next week's lesson. I felt like this:

Annnnyyyways... I am looking at some shoe options, and am liking these a lot:

what do you think of my potential dancing shoes?!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I saw this on toytown...someone worried about the guests taking over their wedding. I am not sure if this is a concern for you?

ger-sey girl

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