Montag, 3. Mai 2010

Stealin' my thunder...

they stole my table # frames!!!!!

ok... considering that this post is older than my purchase, maybe not. But anyways, I had the idea FIRST (in my head, anyways) and I am actually not offended (cause, really) but am giving myself major pats on the back for being so in sync with the fancy blogging DIY world that I had the same idea.


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Miss Hatchling hat gesagt…

They're so super chic! I look forward to seeing your take on them if you do decide to do it still.

Wedding Diplomat hat gesagt…

haha - I know, I love them! I did actually take them on, before seeing the ruffled post (although they look similar, haha) - take a look here:

Amy hat gesagt…

Wow, those are lovely! Great idea!

Found you via Weddingbee!

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