Donnerstag, 10. Juni 2010

1 month to go..!

I just counted. I have exactly 11 days left to work before the wedding!!! 11!!!! This is so exciting, yet so nerve wracking, because this means that the wedding is SOON. In 1 month, to be exact.

Just a small list of things left to do, if you are curious, or really more for me because it makes me feel better to get this stuff on “paper”

• complete our outfits (hair piece for me, earrings for me, shoes, belt and shirt for Mr. S)
• finish writing our ceremony (choose a ritual, finalize the texts and translations, go over all of this with our officiant)
• complete paper products (escort cards, table numbers, programs, placecards)
• finish gifts (for bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, other “helpers”)
• music and dancing (choose a first dance song and a parent dance song, practice, compile playlist for prosecco toast, meet with our Friend-DJ for post-band music)
• make signage (welcome sign, bathroom signs, golf course, mud bath, ceremony etc…)
• photobooth (finish backdrop, get paper ready, make signs, change printer cartridge, fix photo program)
• decorations (make poms, hang garlands, find a place for various pretty things)
• chair covers (sew them! ahhh)
• favors (pick up honey in 2 weeks, make labels, label all jars)

and some other non-essential but desirable things that I am trying to squeeze in:

• healthy eating and lots of jogging so I look my best
• STOP biting my nails
• pull everything out of the “magical wedding closet” and organize and label it
• clean and organize our apartment for our “impending” guests
• see friends and enjoy the lovely summer
• purchase clothes and pack for honeymoon

I think those last two things will prove to be very difficult. But with 1 month to go, I think a schedule is in order! I am off to print off a big calendar and start plugging all these activities into days. Because, folks, there are only 30 left!!!!!!!

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