Donnerstag, 24. Juni 2010

Wedding Angst

Ok, I am allowed one stress post, right? This is the one. Here is all the stuff that is stressing me out
  • money. right. we have to pay off our venue, our photog, our band, our florist etc etc all within 8 days of the wedding, so BEFORE we head off on the honeymoon. Theoretically good, but that doesn’t leave us with much wiggle room… and we may or may not be a little behind, despite all the awesome savings we have made along the way. EEK
  •  feeling in shape – I mean, I KNOW that it’s pretty much too late to change much before the wedding, but I want to feel really good. I have been going to the gym and doing crazy workouts from Jillian Michael’s “Make the Cut” program which has been helping, and of course watching my eating.
  •  nails/hair/skin – I am trying not to bite my nails but that happens to be a nervous habit of mine, so it’s been tough. And taking care of those other parts of me is also important, but hard on a time crunch!
  • STUFF TO DO! Placecards to make, programs to write, vows to compose, playlists to complete. And work is totally distracting me. Well.. only 3 more days of work and then I am FREE!
So that’s that. I am officially stressed. But I guess it would be obnoxious for me not to be – right? Just getting it out of my system :)

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