Freitag, 25. Juni 2010

The Seven Sleepers

Well thank you everyone for putting up with my freakout yesterday. After some teary phone calls and an episode of Gilmore Girls, I was feeling more like myself again. And today was the big day – our wedding day is showing up on the 16 day weather forecast! I mean.. what a big milestone!! :)

Ok, I know, my mom told me the same thing. I should STOP looking at the forecast. Just stop. Because I can’t change it!!! And this is oh so true, especially because, in the Allgäu near the Alps, the weather can change at a moment’s notice, so really, even the day-of forecast might not predict the future. BUT I just can’t help myself. I have no power against it, every day when I wake up, I think about checking the weather. I think I have just been thinking about it so long that I can’t help myself.

Anyway, you probably want to know what I saw this morning when I logged onto, right?

Well, I saw this (all temps in Celsius, of course):

Right up until our wedding day, it’s supposed to be amazing, and then BLECH. Well, I know, it’s totally unreliable at this point. In fact, just yesterday the prediction for Friday the 9th was only 16 degrees. So it’s been changing daily. But I was understandably a teensy bit bummed. Mr. S then tried to lift my spirits by telling me about the Seven Sleepers Day legend.

According to Wikipedia (and my Fiance), Siebenschläfer (which is this Sunday) is a prediction for the weather to come in the next 7 weeks. It’s one of those old farmer’s legends, that was originally based on an old Christian legend that you can read about here.

Anyways, the farmer’s legend promises the following:

• Wie das Wetter am Siebenschläfer sich verhält, ist es sieben Wochen lang bestellt.
How the weather behaves on Siebenschläfer, so it’s ordered for seven weeks more.

• Wenn’s am Siebenschläfer regnet, sind wir sieben Wochen mit Regen gesegnet.
 When it rains on Siebenschläfer, we will be blessed with seven weeks of rain

• Das Wetter am Siebenschläfertag sieben Wochen bleiben mag.
The weather on Siebenschläfer will stay for seven weeks

• Wie’s Wetter am Siebenschläfertag, so der Juli werden mag.
 So the weather on Siebenschläfer day, so the weather will be in July

• Wenn die Siebenschläfer Regen kochen, dann regnet’s ganze sieben Wochen.
When the Siebenschläfer rains are cooking, then it will rain for a whole seven weeks

• Ist der Siebenschläfer nass, regnet’s ohne Unterlass.
If it’s wet on Siebenschläfer, it will rain nonstop

• Regnet’s am Siebenschläfertag, der Regen sieben Wochen nicht weichen mag.
If it rains on Siebenschläfer, the rain won’t stop for seven weeks

• Werden die sieben Schläfer nass, regnet's noch lange Fass um Fass.
If the seven sleepers get wet, then it will rain barrels and barrels (this is my favourite, heheh)

• Der Siebenschläferregen, der bringt dem Lande keinen Segen.
When it rains on Siebenschläfer, it does not bring the countryside any good signs.

• Siebenschläfer Regen - sieben Wochen Regen.
Siebenschläfer rain, seven weeks rain

• Scheint am Siebenschläfer Sonne, gibt es sieben Wochen Wonne.
When the sun shines on Siebenschläfer, there will be seven weeks of joy

So, and I bet you’re wondering what the weather is supposed to be like on Sunday? Here it is:

High of 80, less than 10% chance of rain.

THAT’s what I call a good sign.
Anyone else getting really superstitious?

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You need to be prepared for the weather - how about a proper Indian wedding umbrella? Even the elephants use them (you DID remember to book the elephants now, didn't you? lol)

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