Freitag, 1. Januar 2010

The Band Story

So once upon a time, we had a band. And this band called us almost every day! They wanted to know how many people we'd invited, what kind of Music we wanted for our first dance, if we were doing a Bride Kidnapping.  Then, this adorable band called with bad news.

Their guitarist can't make it. They play a lot with only three people - keyboarder, drummer and singer. But I mean... what's a band without a guitarist?! Apparently they don't have a backup. That may be the way Bavaria rolls...

this means "really traditional bavarian"...

So we are at the beginning again!! Anyone know a good bavarian cover band offering fun wedding music for a wedding in July? Preferably with an English speaker who can do good moderation?

Ahhhh!! Wedding planning is HARD.

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