Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

Our Website

As I’ve mentioned, the website is up! It was a long time coming, and actually a lot harder than we thought. Well, than I thought. The hardest part was getting a certain web programmer I know motivated enough to make the website.

By the time we sent out our save the dates, we had a version up. A very SPARSE version. No photos, almost no infos, no links. It stayed this way for quite a while. Then, Mr. Schnitzel had the ingenious idea of setting up a Wordpress site for us. That way, he could do the programming but I could put up the content with my limited to no programmer knowledge. YES!

And this, my friends, was our saving grace. You see, he is happy to do the programming part, but the content- not so much. So this worked amazingly, because I could add and subtract and rearrange to my heart’s content, all without bugging him!

Here’s a screenshot of our site:

As you can see, we have various menu categories. Each of them pop out to reveal different categories. Here’s what we have so far:
  • About us
    • Our Story
    •  Photographs
  • Community (Forums)
    • Wedding Traditions
      • Polish Wedding Traditions
      • German Wedding Traditions
      • US Wedding Traditions
  • Location
    • How to get there
    • Hotel
    • Attractions
      • Munich Attractions
      • Buchenberg Attractions
      • Surrounding Area
      • Transportation and Lodging while travelling
  • People (introduction of bridal party, family etc)
  • Phrasebook (english, german and polish words)
  • Registry
  • RSVP
I am really happy with the structure so far, and those I’ve asked have been able to find things fairly easily. I really enjoyed writing all the “tourist” sections, and I can imagine it will be quite helpful for our guests who have never been here before and are looking to make a bit more out of their trip. I am also posting updated cheap flight information under the “how to get there” category (I have a Kayak Alert set up from NY-Munich and when I get new info, I list the cheapest airlines on the site, not the prices, since those often vary).

Overall, we really like the flexibility of a Wordpress site: it has ease of usage, for someone like me, but the boy can also program things however he (or I) like. Now I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wordpress to anyone without the “crutch” of a programmer at their side – we got our website to look like we wanted it because I had a handyman who could reprogram the templates. Also, we have our own domain name, which Mr. Schnitzel set up all fancy, and I wouldn’t have known how to do that.

Otherwise, the thing is FREE (except for the domain name) which is pretty great.

What else should I add to our website? Anything missing?

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