Dienstag, 8. September 2009

The joys of blogging

I think one of the things that I really like about the wedding blogosphere is the fact that, well, none of us are professionals! Well, I guess some of us are by chance already wedding planners who happen to be planning their own wedding, but those are few and far between. Mostly, we are doing this for the first (and hopefully only!) time ? which makes us all amateurs. The other wonderful thing about weddings these days is that they really can be all you want them to be. Gone are the days where you had to choose from three styles of invitations from your local stationary shop, or where you absolutely had to adhere to every tradition (did you know that rehearsal dinners used to be the occasion where the families would get to know each other for the first time, because engagements were only weeks long!?). So really, I get to blog about planning this amazing party to celebrate love and partnership, include my friends and family, and be part of a blogging community that is blissfully devoid of professionals! Wow!

Another great thing about this blogging thing is that you I get to share all my planning thoughts with you, out there, without anyone interruption! Does anyone else know the feeling of having a great idea bubbling up all day only to tell someone and have it shot down? Of course, you can shoot me down if you want, but you haven't, yet, and it's really nice :)

So I am going to share a slightly personal detail: when I walk around, thinking about wedding stuff (which I guess is all the time, which I never thought would be the case, but it turns out that I am one of those girls, after all) I keep getting all teary. Which is probably not a good sign for my resistance to tears rating for the day of. I am already getting all weepy picturing potential vows, scenes of dancing with my dad toasts from the family? and the whole thing is still 10 months away! Maybe I'm just getting it out of my system? I hope so.

I am also so completely and totally in love with Mr. Schnitzel (that's another reason I love blogging ? I can call him that!). It's so exciting to come home and spend the evening with him. We continuously exclaim, happily, to each other "hey ? we're getting married" or "this is our very first engagement (pizza/train ride/glass of wine/rented movie)?. Cheezy sugar coated JOY.


thanks for putting up with me, out there!

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Sara hat gesagt…

Listen, I'm not even the one getting married and it makes me cry when I think about it! Because it is such an overwhelmingly joyous thing!

American girls marries Polish boy in Germany: hat gesagt…

thanks for that... I'm glad it didn't gross you out too much ;-)

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