Montag, 14. September 2009

Photographer meeting

I am meeting with another option for a photographer tomorrow: Andrea Basile, who is actually Italian (neat!) and whose photos we really like. I seem to be attracted to vendors who maybe don't have the most polished web presence but seem to be really talented at what they do. Maybe it's that "help the underdog" syndrome in me. We also picked Oliver partially because his website wasn't as "froo froo" as the others.

Andrea seems to have a very good quality camera and a nice photographic eye. I am excited to see a larger selection of his wedding photography tomorrow when we get together.

On another note, Wednesday is my birthday! (hooray, last non-married birthday!) and then Oktoberfest begins on Saturday! so I may be a little less bloggy in the upcoming weeks. Our plan is to have our friends who are visiting for Oktoberfest take some Engagement shots of Mr. Schnitzel and I at Oktoberfest in our Bavarian outfits ? if we like these enough, they will become Save the Date material, which we hope to print and send by the end of Oktober. For our Edelweiß-Bavarian wedding, it should be perfect!

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