Donnerstag, 17. September 2009

Photographer choice #1

So I met with Andrea Basile, a potential photographer, on Tuesday. I have to say we almost completely dismissed him because his price quote was SO low and his website was not particularly professional. But I left him on my excel table and when Mr. Schnitzel and I sat down to discuss photographers we looked at everyone's sample photos without looking at the prices and we actually liked his the best! So we scheduled a meeting and actually, his work is fantastic. Andrea is Italian and started out as a stock photo photographer, but after meeting his German wife on a photography trip to Argentina, the two of them decided to get married and moved to Germany! She begged him to find a job that didn't send him all over the world, so he got into the world of wedding photography.

Andrea's photos have a natural touch with professional flair, and he is just such a friendly, down to earth guy that I was tempted to say yes on the spot! But, for the sake of comparison, we are meeting with our second choice photographer next week. If we are happy with either of them, we will make a decision then.

I particularly like this wedding that he shot: he says he took these photos of the couple as they were walking from the church to the reception site, with all their guests. The photos are portraits, but they are so natural because they are walking and enjoying ? and of course the rustic look of the Italian streets doesn't hurt!What do you think?

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