Dienstag, 22. Dezember 2009

Save the Dates, round two!

Sorry in advance for the blurry pictures... these were quick last minute cell phone snaps...

this is what the "Europe" stamped version looks like (I chose the Dahlias)

this is the "Germany" stamp

look at the cute heart!!!

And here they are, slipping away into the maily world of the post office!

With Germany's incredibly efficient postal system promise, the Germany residents should definitely get their cards by Christmas! (Tomorrow evening, to be exact). The process was LONG but also fun, and we're really happy with how they turned out. And boy am I glad I had a "dry run" of sorts before attempting the invitations. Now I know a few important things:

1) Order lots of extras, especially envelopes, for potential (and probable) mistakes, especially if you are stamping anything! (takes some practice)
2) I recommend ordering German postage online through http://www.post.de/ . Unlike US post offices, here they don't stock most pretty stamps, so I had a much bigger selection online. And shipping was super quick (1 day).
3) Sit down and do one step in one sitting. Don't try to do 50 things at once like I did, especially when you are dealing with three different languages in five different countries, where everyone gets different labels, etc.
4) Use post-its to mark envelopes that are still "blank" because you are waiting for an address, etc or sort everything neatly into piles that mark which "stage" they are at
5) a damp sponge placed in a shallow bowl is a great way to wet your stamps and seal your envelopes! (Germans haven't picked up on the peel n' stick trend..)

So, that's about all for now! Once I get the last of the stragglers in the mail, I'll post a thorough account of my trials and tribulations. Until then, ta ta!

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shoestring jetsetter hat gesagt…

I can't wait to get it!!! And really, about the lick stamps? I honestly haven't licked one since getting here...but I do tend to get the ugly ones ;)

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