Dienstag, 8. Dezember 2009

Save the Dates, Part 1

OOPS, a week with out posting!

This is the first post relating to our Save the Dates.

These turned into quite a saga, for some reason, even though they were supposed to be simple and easy. I actually now realize that Save the Dates are HARD because they are the very first piece of stationary that you have to produce and it's so early in the process that so many things are up in the air! I changed my colors halfway through the design! And I had a million competing visions.

We had following "extra" challenges:

- We couldn't write "Save the Date?" because we will be sending the same card to multiple nationalities with different languages.
- We didn't know how to write the date! European-style with the day first, American-style with the month first, all written out???

At any rate, as soon as Wenda at Tucci Paper Co. sent me her first design, I knew something was missing. After a consultation with Mr. Schnitzel, we made a list of desired changes and sent this sketch:

She responded with a proof that we thought was so-so. Then, we picked our new color scheme and asked her to redo it in our blues and greens, plus we changed a few aspects. GREAT! After a few minor tweaks, everything was ready for printing.

What arrived in the mail yesterday was a package of postcard size cards printed on linen paper with magnets on the back, and matching envelopes. At the price of $1/card (not including envelope), you can't beat it for a custom design! We are really happy with them!

Next up: corner punching, printing and addressing the envelopes (and a few other language related challenges..)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I'd recognize that handwriting anywhere!

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