Dienstag, 10. November 2009

Flowers - Inspiration Board

As you know, we have been back and forth on our colors, but we finally had an epiphany with this color scheme. So it's set! Blue for the sky, green for the meadows. All different shades, but mostly bright and happy and modern. Using this set, I surfed the wedding net combing for flowers I like (and turning around to Mr. Schnitzel every now and then to yell: baby, what do you think of this one?)  Here's a compilation of what we came up with. Mostly: modern, fun, pretty, not too formal. And blue and green, possibly with bits of purple and yellow, we'll see. My mom was happy that the Hydrangeas are back in the picture...

How did you get inspiration for your flowers? Did you change your mind every five minutes about your color scheme?

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