Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Another cheezy couple story

Close your eyes if you hate this kind of stuff...

Mr. Schnitzel and I have this new running joke. We propose to each other. Over and over. Over drinks, over dinner, over grocery shopping. It's funny, and kind of romantic, and I have to say, my heart still flutters a bit every time I hear those words. (I say yes, every time!).

Another thing he does is look at me all bright eyed and go "we're getting married" like he just remembered. SO CUTE. This makes me really happy.

I guess I can say getting engaged didn't change us as a couple ? not at all really, but maybe that was because we've known that we want to spend the future together for quite a while now. But it sure is fun to pop the question, over and over and over :)

us right after the proposal (the "original" one)

What embarrassingly cutesy stuff did you and your fiancé do? Did being engaged "change" your relationship?

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Sarah* hat gesagt…


My fiancé and play that very same proposal game.
(It also sometimes includes a slight variation, where he'll say something like "hey, did you know that I like you?"... I respond, "I think I like you too, maybe you should ask me out sometime?".
He always follows with, "I think I'll ask you to marry me!". It's embarrassing but I do swoon each and every time, if you can imagine. (And this silliness is definitely no change from our normal coupledom. We've really only just added bits of EXTREME excitement to marry each other into the mix!)


Wedding Diplomat hat gesagt…


Oh good, I'm always happy when other people let me know that my coupledom isn't too cringe-worthy :) I'll have to try that "ask me out" one...

I'm taking a look at your blog, looking forward to reading!


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Emily!

I've totally been stalking your blog and loving it since I'm planning too! Being engaged definitely hasn't changed our relationship at all either, haha. When we were looking at reception sites and left the place we loved and are getting married at, Erik was pumping gas and I got down on 1 knee and asked him to marry me at the Brass Heart Inn, haha. Love the cutesy stuff!

I hear you are making a stateside trip in my area in January for some wedding stuff - we should meet up for a spritz!


Wedding Diplomat hat gesagt…

Hi Alyssa! Yes, we should meet up and talk wedding!! (and other stuff)

Can't wait - and thanks for your adorable story!!

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