Freitag, 6. November 2009

It's all fun and games..

So one of the reasons that we picked our venue the Landhaus Sommerau is because it has a duck-pin bowling alley AND a miniature golf course. WOW! We have been brainstorming ways to use these amazing resources. Here are our ideas so far:

- Each guest gets a monogrammed minigolf ball in the OOT bag (maybe like this but in color)?

- A family minigolf tournament
- A bridal party/groomsmen minigolf tournament

here's the minigolf course!
- Duck pin bowling tournaments (also as a bad weather alternative to minigolf)

this is the hotel's "kegelbahn"
- A rehearsal dinner/out of town event involving barbecue outside, beer on tap and minigolf

Oh wait. Did I mention that the hotel also has volleyball, tennis, a playground AND a mudbath? Yes, I know I have mentioned the mudbath. But I'll mention it again. A wild, in the forest amazingly beautiful MUDBATH! Complete with a beautiful pond to rinse off in. What could be better?

this is the "rinsing off pond"
Not to mention that any number of alpine hiking paths, bike routes, cheese tours and amazing castles are within breathing distance. Now I just need to devise a plan as to how to best take advantage of all the entertainment possibilities. I can't wait! How did you incorperate fun into your wedding?

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