Samstag, 14. November 2009

A stroll to the flower shop

One of the big advantages of getting married in a small town is the close proximity of everything. I ate an amazing Saturday morning breakfast with family Schnitzel and packed up my laptop, threw on a scarf, and walked around the corner to the "Blumenecke" (flower corner).

The owner, Silvia Wegmann, was in the back with an apron on, cutting flowers. Introduced myself and explained that I am marrying her neighbor's son, and that we will need, of course, some wedding flowers! She was more than helpful and looked excited at the prospect. I showed her our inspiration and she said it was all very doable. I am optimistic!

Now I have a bit of history to share that relates to our color scheme of blue and green. The region of the Alps where we will be married is called "Allgäu", and it is often referred to (mostly in tourist ads) as "the green Allgäu" because there are so many cows and, therefore, so many green meadows and rolling hills.

As this sign explains, the Allgäu used to be called the "blue Allgäu". The reason for the name was the intense linen ("Leinen" in German)  production, which required huge amounts of flax ("Flachs") to be planted. This is what the flax blossom looks like:

Until the end of the 19th century, the Allgäu was covered not with green meadows but with blue flax blossoms, hence the name! I love this story and I think it suits our wedding colors just perfectly! Let's see if the Blumenecke can find us some flax blossoms to have at the wedding!

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