Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Shabbying it up

I really like the shabby chic look - mixed up vintage pieces, pretty wildflowers, antiquey-looking signs... Since my venue will be providing all linens and plates, silverware, etc, I am looking for easy and inexpensive ways to "shabby" the place up. Last weekend at the Kempten Flea Market, I had inspiration!

the Kempten Flea Market in full swing

I decided to collect blue and green glass bottles and bowls of different sizes and shapes. Later they can be filled with flowers and placed on the bar or the dessert table. We'll see how many I can collect!

So far, this is what I found (in one day of searching)

I vowed not to spend more than 2 Euro apiece: MAYBE 3 if I really like it.

Pretty, right?

We were thinking about other ways to incorporate vintage items into the wedding and I came up with these:

Vintage Edelweiss postcards! A symbol of our wedding. (and possibly a song to be played at the ceremony). Not sure how we will use these yet - any ideas?

How did you add your own personal touch to your reception venue?

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shoestring jetsetter hat gesagt…

I would like to offer my services as a bunting-maker. It is my newfound talent :) and I may have already bought fabric in your colors...if you're interested!

Wedding Diplomat hat gesagt…

um YES!!! totally!!!!

I think it might look really nice lining the aisle... we'll have to discuss. I want to see the fabric!

Ps: THAT is my awesome Maid OH!

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