Montag, 2. November 2009

Building the guest list

I am still awaiting the proof of my Save the Date? and am starting to doubt, somewhat, the virtues of Etsy's Alchemy? but since I've already shelled out the cash, I'll just have to be a bit patient for a bit longer.

Of course, to be able to send out the Save the Date, I need a full and complete guest list WITH addresses. WHAT A TASK! I compiled the information that I have from various sources and not only am I missing about half the addresses, but I also need tons of last names! And I need to sit down with Mr. Schnitzel and discuss the list, making sure that we aren't leaving anyone out/including anyone we don't want.

The plan is, because of budget, to hand deliver as many STDs as possible, but it would still be good to have the addresses, for the invitation list.

Basically, I have set up a spreadsheet and am writing or calling those with missing addresses, one by one, and marking them in blue if I have already emailed and am awaiting an answer. At the moment I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with everything so these nit picky details seem daunting. I guess since that "beginner's" energy has fizzled away somewhat (we just had our 3 month engagement anniversary on Halloween!) I just am not as fervent to tackle the more mundane tasks. We do, however, have an appointment with our venue in two weeks, and we are also planning on visiting a potential bakery and meeting with the town flower lady. The good thing about doing this in a small town is the lack of too much choice ? it leaves us to concentrate on other aspects.

How did you handle your Save the Dates? Your guest list? The insanity?

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