Dienstag, 10. November 2009

Blue Green Palette - Inspiration Board

So I am having so much fun with my engagement laptop and I went ahead and created my own palette for our wedding - just some inspiration, all from Flickr. I can really recommend using flickr to put together palettes because it really takes you "out" of the wedding world to give you a whole new set of inspiration. I had a lot of fun with this because it was so easy to find beautiful pictures of blue and green that match what we're planning - after all, the Allgäu is just full of blue skies and green meadows, such a vibrant conversation!

looky looky

For you Mac users out there, I am using Pages to create these inspiration boards - so easy and so fun.

sources (clockwise from top left):[ s o l o ]chri.spinIngrid in OZ, nbklx17Martjusha, expressions floral

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