Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

The Invites

So now that our Save the Dates are ordered and on their way across the ocean, we are on to our next big stationary task - the invites! There are so many amazing things out there, so it's really hard finding the perfect one! Here are some of our ideas:

Something light and flowery, like this Invite KaBloom (with blue flowers, of course) by Merit Hanson Weddings

something bold and colorful, like this (in blue and green, of course) - from papeterie

something watercolorey and light, like this one from wedding paper divas

Brilliant Blooms Signature White Wedding Invitations
or something even bolder.... like this gem from wedding paper divas

There's such a world of invitations out there. How did you go about choosing the perfect one?

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shoestring jetsetter hat gesagt…

I love the second one. The bold colors and simple design are just so festive. and so you. and make me wanna party...

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