Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

The Bridesmaid Letters

So, I can FINALLY introduce you to the (long) process of producing my bridesmaid's letters. Basically, I bought these amazing heart-shaped papers that fold up into cards - they are so neat, you just fold all the edges together and the tip of the heart becomes the envelope flap.
Then, I set to work on the text for the letters. Like many of you "modern" blog age people, writing comes faster and better to my when I type. It may be sad, but it's true. So I typed up the text for the letters, and set off with a ruler and a silver pen writing the text on the hearts! I had to be really careful, because it barely fit. I embelleshed the hearts with these adorable gold foil edelweiß thingies that i glued in random places, including the flap of the envelope.
I'll tell you, my hand is not used to writing that much! I got quite an ache and used up almost an entire silver gel pen. But they turned out (I think) really nicely.

I packaged them up and got appropriate stamps (i wanted flowers but I ended up with an african-themed painting for most of them, but it was pretty too) and sent them off! And happily, they all arrived at their destinations unharmed (or so I hear AND most importantly, I convinced all the recipients to say YES! Shortly, I'll introduce you to the "gang", one by one.

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