Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

Wedding fit...

In preparation for the "big day" I've started on a little program to whip myself into shape. I am following The's 6 month wedding fitness program AND the wedding abs program. I am just starting week 2 (after a couple of "false starts") and I feel good! I like that the program starts you out nice and slow and takes the focus off of weight loss. Right now I am mostly just trying to get myself moving!

I am also working on changing up my eating habits a bit by following some of the advice here about how to slim down. Mostly, I have been trying to drink 8 glasses of water a day, eat 9 fruits and vegetables, and alternate my alcoholic beverages with non alcoholic ones. Little changes make a big difference!

The first two weeks of the programs have me doing 20 minutes of aerobic activity 3 times a week. I have added the "wedding abs" program to this schedule. My aerobics have been 20 minutes of elliptical machine at the gym, followed by wedding abs in the mat room. Keeping me powered up and my feet moving fast has been the Indie Soup podcast – Runner's edition. What a thrill, and a great way to discover new music!
So I'll be keeping you posted on my progress.. What did you do to get fit for your wedding?

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