Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

Days 12 and 13 - Gratitude Challenge

Yesterday for the challenge, I made the "effort to live life with a positive outlook...dared to see the glass half full...listened more than I speak... gave freely of myself..."Or I tried, at least. Ironically enough, yesterday was a grumpy day for me. I did an awful lot of complaining. I ranted about the subway being late, being full, I complained about the cold weather, about the line at the movies, about the annoying girls next to me at the movies, about the fact that the internet doesn't ship anything from the US to Germany (I'm still angry about that one).. So really, I didn't do so well. But reflecting on that has been good for me. I mean, don't we all have grumpy days? Most importantly, I realize that it was just that, grumpiness, and not a perpetual attitude. And it won't happen again (soon), I promise.

Today I am to "pick three friends or family members I see regularly and view their actions and gestures through a positive lens..."Ok.

1) My mom: has been such a big help lately. She's great to talk to on the phone and always has an opinion about my decisions. She supports me and sometimes makes me think twice before acting too hastily, something I (ehem) tend to do. Sometimes, I need to view her constructive questions as just that: constructing, instead of overreacting and feeling attacked, which I tend to do whenever my ideas or inspiration are questioned.
2) Mr. Schnitzel: put up with my grumpy mood yesterday. He didn't even complain! When we got home, he wanted to go to bed ... it was almost midnight, for goodness sake! But I whined at him to stay up. Gotta stop that ... my gosh, if the man wants to sleep, then he wants to sleep! As usual I crawled grumpily into bed (I'm not used to being along in the living room) and was asleep (first!) within minutes. Sigh...
3) The last person is an anonymous reflection, since I don't want to publicize the conflicts here. Suffice it to say that I am having a clash with someone, and I have spent some time rethinking the situation and seeing their actions in the (most) positive light (possible.

Well, I'm almost two weeks in! Tomorrow I'll serenade you all with my assessment of what this challenge has done for me, so far. Tschüß!

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