Dienstag, 20. Oktober 2009

Introducing.. the Maid and Man of Honor!

To start out the bunch, I would like to introduce the so-called "ring leaders". Yes, there are two. I hear that in ancient Sparta, Rome and Crete, the Diarchy worked quite well. We have…


Mike is has position number one on this list for many reasons, not least of which being that he has known me since I was six months old!! That's a long time! He's put up with my silliness, my whimpiness, my ridiciulous sense of competetiveness for 26 YEARS. I spent the night at his house when my brother was born, we went to kindergarten together, played in the snow and rain and sun and mud together, and swam on the same swim team for years. Mike taught me about everything important in life because he always knew all the dirty details from his older siblings. And his house was where I got to watch all the PG-13 movies. We used to promise each other that we would get married some day. Since I'm the one breaking that promise first, I'll have to find a good way to make it up to him!

here we are:

MAID OF HONOR – Ms. Nicole

Nicole and I met while studying abroad in Italy, where we discovered our mutual love of simple travel: meeting people, walking around, eating and drinking. During that semester abroad, we spent many weekends zooming around European capital cities and sleeping in strange hostels or on uncomfortable trains and having a GREAT time. We also took our spring break together, making stops all over France and Germany, including Munich and Berlin, the cities which would later become our respective homes.

Here we are:

Next up: introducing the bridesmaids! How did you make your "choices" known to the world?

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