Donnerstag, 1. Oktober 2009

Bzzzzzzzzing favors

Hi! So we have been brainstorming about favors and our "favor"ite idea thus far is to give each guest a small jar of local honey. Germany has so many wonderful tiny bee keepers, so I set to work researching who is nearby. I found out that the "Oberallgäu Beekeepers Association" is actually located in Mr. Schnitzel's hometown, Buchenberg! Hilariously enough (and confusing to me for a few long moments) the president of the association is named Theo Buchenberg. That's right. His last name is the same as the town he lives in. He must be a pretty important guy! Anyways, I emailed him to find out how much it would cost to order about 80 little jars of honey that we could affix our own labels to. (I don't plan on filling my own honey jars ... that sounds like a sticky mess to me). He is apparently on vacation now, but we are awaiting his response!

The other part of the idea is to give each guest a honey dipper with their nametag tied to the handle and to have this serve as their escort card - so when they get to their table they will find their honey jar awating dipping!

What do you think of the ideas? bzzzzzz

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Bethfab hat gesagt…

Great idea. Who doesn't love honey? It's pure, natural, sweet and reminds people of coziness and home. All things that have to do with love and family.

American girls marries Polish boy in Germany: hat gesagt…

that's a really nice interpretation. Also sticky :) which is kind of like love, too... ;-)

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