Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Day 2 - Gratitude Challange

So I am writing this a bit early because I am going to Oktoberfest today AND Sunday (i know, it's really debaucherous...) and I about what I might right write (oh dear!) if I waited till I get home...

So here we go! My Gratitude Challenge Alphabetic List of Things I am Grateful for:

A is for Artur, my fiancè!
B is for balloons, lots and lots of them in a big bunch, like in the movie UP
C is for crusty bread, fresh from the bakery, the brown and hearty german kind
D is for Dirndl. Especially mine. Purple and pretty and all ready to be worn for the third time in a row tomorrow!
E is for envelopes. Especially unopened ones, awaiting me on the floor in front of my mail slot when I come home from work, hand addressed to ME
F is for fried clams from the clam shack in Kennebunkport, ME (almost) every summer with my family on summer vacation
G is for gin and tonic. Best drink ever.
H is for hurrying for the subway. Because I do this every morning, and something about it just screams Munich and Me
I is for ice skating. On big giant bavarian frozen lakes, if at all possible.
J is for Jammin' with Bob Marley
K is for knödel
L is for looovvveeeeee
M is for money, because, let's face it - aren't we are grateful for money?
N is for napping in front of the TV on the weekend
O is for office supplies. All kinds. That I order by sending an email to the office supply man at work and that appear magically on my shelf in lovely packaging.
P is for parties, hosted by me, and another p for planning them!
Q is for quiz shows, the TV kind
R is for reruns, especially of law and order
S is for singing ridiculous versions of songs on the radio, making up our own lyrics according to what we are doing at the moment
T is for Target, which I miss soooo much
U is for Ubahn
V is for velvet, the black kind, as in the song black velvet.
W is for water, especially the Isar river behind our apartment
X is for the X-chromosome. Because we've all got it!!
Y is for yodeling
Z is for zither, because you can actually slip the sheet music beneath the strings and play by sight.

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