Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Introducing...the Bridesmaids!

Since I just introduced the Man and Maid of Honor, it's time for the Bridesmaids, who were all my roommates senior year of college! Together, the initials of our first names spell "BECKS"... so, in that order...


Beth lived on the same floor as me freshman year, but we were separated by a set of stairs. We didn't get to know each other very well until we lived together senior year with three other close friends of hers (coming right up). That year marked my best time at Northwestern and we enjoyed many a late night discussion, shared knitting projects and goofy stories. Here we are together:


I knew who Caitlin was freshman year of Northwestern. She was the girl with the big crazy blond hair! Since then I have gotten to know her much better, as one of her roommates senior year. We had a lot of amazing conversations, shared our experiences abroad in Europe and I watched and observed and discovered all kinds of things about weird French cheese, Polaroids and a hairstyle called the bouffant. Here, smiling big:


Kate and I spent quite a few evenings being complete goofballs freshman year, when I managed to sneak my way into the so-called "cave" in our dorm where she lived with 11 (or was it 13?) other women (and one shower). Living together senior year, we also shared a fair share of shenanigans, and when she visited me in Munich a couple of years ago, we found some hilarious men with giant moustaches at Oktoberfest. Here we are, with our giant beers...


Sara and I were next door neighbors freshman year of college. That means we saw a lot of each other – we even shared a strange single toilet surrounded by a shower curtain with three other women. We didn't become good friends until I begged to be allowed to live with her and her three other close friends (see above and below) senior year of college. That year we had a lot of adventures, from stealing Bush signs from people's yards to hosting crazy parties like our cold-war themed party and doing paint – by – number on our comfy leather sofa. Here we are on a boat in Amsterdam:

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