Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2009

Day 6: Gratitude Challenge

For day 6 of the gratitude challenge, I am supposed to "call someone I haven't talked to in a while and tell them how much I appreciate them".

Well this one was pretty obvious to me- my grammy (see pic on the right of my mom and my grammy together)! It just so happens that my mom is visiting her right now, so I got to speak with both of them - my grandma is just someone who is so amazing, she never ceases to impress and surprise me with her incredible wit and complete sense of self. I am also always surprised how modern she is? she knows everything!

My family loves to play the game "balderdash" wherein a word, law, movie title or acronym is read aloud and everyone gets to write down a definition or answer for said item. Then they are all read aloud to the group and the group has to guess which is the correct answer. My grandma is always the one who writes the hilarious, slightly vulgar, completely amazing answer.

I love her. My only big regret in the wedding planning so far is that I know that by holding the wedding in Germany, she will not be able to be there. We are working on ways to include her in the day anyways. Any ideas?

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