Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

The Gratitude Challenge

Dear friends,

I am taking part in the Gratitude Challenge, sponsored by Tiny Prints, a great way to keep myself on the positive side of wedding planning!

Join me in expressing my gratitude for both the positive and negative parts of my life. The very first day (today!) I am instructed in the Gratitude Challenge Calendar to sign the Gratitude Pledge . Here's the text:

With a hopeful outlook, I, ______________________, promise to fulfill the terms
of The Gratitude Challenge. Over the next 21 days, I pledge to complete the
activities on my gratitude calendar, including writing journal entries, taking
photos and connecting with friends. I promise to take note of life’s little blessings
and to give thanks for the relationships, experiences and opportunities that make
my life unique. From this day forward, I commit to living on the brighter side of life.
Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _________________

Well, here I go! Who'd like to join me? Tomorrow I will be making my alphabet gratitude list... stay tuned!

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Anonym hat gesagt…

I love this idea!

American girls marries Polish boy in Germany: hat gesagt…

do join in!!

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