Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Days 10 and 11, Gratitude Challenge

Yesterday, for the Gratitude Challenge, I used my ears to observe the world in a new light. It was really interesting. Mostly, I noticed how loud my office is, even though I never thought it was! Here is a little snippet from my sound diary:

I hear:

music, from my accuradio (love songs) station

Typing noises (from me and my colleagues)

Chairs moving around, sighing

Printer printing, colleague singing, colleague talking to her husband
Other colleague walking around - lawyers walking around

Lunch Break: Rain drops falling, leaves rustling

Tip tip tip typing, Typewriter turning on, typing, Crunching, Footsteps, Voices

Eating pear, munch munch

Today, I attempted to see the world through the eyes of a child. In order to do this, I channeled my days as a kindergarten teacher, and tried to think of all the things that one of my kids would have enjoyed about my day that I, erm, less than appreciate. Here's what I came up with:

- Riding the subway - oh boy!
- Cake - not once, but twice
- Lots of pens and markers at my desk
- Lots of scrap paper to draw on
- Headphones with a fun pedal contraption (that's my dictation device. Work of the devil? but I'm trying to see it in a good light).
- I can go to the kitchen whenever I want. I can get my own water, get my own tea, cook my own things
- Freedom! (I wouldn't call it that ? but they would have)
- Retrieving files from our basement archive ? adventure!
- Going out to lunch, every day

I have a big (grateful) smile on my face!

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