Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

What I have learned about Planning a Wedding from my Halloween party

Alright. This is going to sound really strange. I am planning a Halloween party, and I am doing so partially (only partially) to practice some of my new found wedding planning expertise! I have been reading the blogs for two months now (and writing my own, of course) and so I have a PLETHORA of ideas just waiting to be done. And for those who don't know me personally - I am not really Miss Patience. If I see something I want to own/ to make/ to try, I do it right away. So the idea of SAVING ideas and using them in 9 months (9 months! That's how long it takes to have a baby! So long) is just so agonizing to me.

Now I'm not sayin' that my wedding will resemble my Halloween party. In fact, I most certainly hope that it doesn't, in any way, especially the creepy eerie icky scary way. But in "testing" out my wedding skills, here's what I've learned!

1) Making any sort of paper product is really time consuming. I have been crafting labels for my food and punches and spent all yesterday evening cutting out mice and bat decorations. It takes FOREVER
2) Buy supplies early, when you see them. Don't wait, unless it has an expiration date. Because there will always be something you will remember that you need. Then you can worry about getting that instead of all your other things.
3) Do everything in advance that can be done in advance! It gives you piece of mind and frees you up to do fun stuff the day of, like putting on your costume (or in the case of the wedding ? getting dressed?!)
4) Do a little every day. I have been using TV watching time as an excuse to cut and craft. I find it enjoyable and it feels like a game, not a chore
5) Limit yourself! Pick 2 or 3 or 4 (or 7) projects and stick with them! Don't keep adding stuff. Work on making the things you're doing really good. Do them in advance. And then call it quits.

That's all for now. I am quite sure that I'll have more to add when the party nears. Today, for example, I will be attempting to purchase:

*clear packing tape
*black spray paint
*zombie costume stuff at the second hand store

and THEN go to the gym to do my wedding workout. Ayayay (just testing out that pre-wedding halloween stress!)

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